ABRO SHUR FIX roof cement is a multi-purpose patching material and adhesive for repairing holes and leaks in roofs: Fixing rust spots and joints in leaky gutters and metal trim and stopping leaks in flashing around, chimneys and copying. Its also used to glue down loose asphalt shingles and fill cracks in concrete. Roof cement is am emulsion of asphalt, refined mineral spirits, plasticizers and non-absestos reinforcing fibers. 


Refine using ABRO ROOF CEMENT, use a stiff brush or broom to eliminate all dust and dirt. Remove crusted rust or scale previous coating by scraping or wire brushing. On composition roofs, replace all drawn – up nails with large nails before patching. If roof is dried out, prime with non-fibered roof coating before patching with this cement. A primer is always necessary before using this product on concrete roofs. Before using this cement on metal roofs, check for loose laps and re-nail them to stop vibration before applying cement.


Apply with trowel or putty knife occasionally dipping trowel in paint thinner to reduce sticking to patch holes or breaks smaller than approximately 1/6 wide fill with this cement and smooth down edges. For patching large holes and breaks or joints, apply this cement to a thickness of approximately ¼ next, embed a layer of polyester or glass membrane or cold process roll roofing. Apply another ¼ thickness of ABRO roof cement over the layer of material. Feather – edge the cement around the patch. MAINTENANCE COST EFFECTIVENESS As against other conventional solutions which normally require scrapping off failed remedies prior to laying fresh materials, liquid plastic does not crack, rot or flake. To this end, scrapping is not necessary in the course of maintenance or when accidentally damaged. The damaged sections are best cut out, brush, and apply fresh liquid plastic on the spot. These basically form an integral part of the old membrane.

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