Liquid plastic are a component consisting of synthetic rubber copolymer, tough and highly durable water based which upgrades deteriorated walls and roofs. It provides a self-cleaning decorative barrier against water penetration. Application is either by brush, roller or spray equipment and cures to form an elastomeric and vapour permeable skill over the substrates.

It does not crack, blister or flake. It can be reinforced with light weight thermically bounded polyster fabric to attain even greater durability and effectiveness.


1.            Seamless, tightly adherent.

2.            Waterproof skin.

3.            No joints to allow water ingress.

4.            Effectively waterproofs substrate cracked by thermal movement or prolonged exposure to strong sunlight.

5.            Does not embrittle on aging or on exposure to ultra violet light.

6.            White liquid Plastic application is highly solar reflective reducing solar heat gains by as much as 40%

7.            Liquid Plastic  bridges hairline crack and gaps, breathes out substrate moisture.

8.            Liquid Plastic  enable weak and porous substrate that would be unsuitable for treatment with conventional coatings to be ungraded, decorated and waterproofed.

9.            Liquid Plastic  provides variety of leakage protective solution in choice of colours such as; Green, Red, Blue, White, Grey, Oxide Red, Black, Cream. e.t.c Gold finishing can also be obtained.

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